Vagabon - Vagabon Cassette

Vagabon - Vagabon Cassette

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Vagabon (aka Lætitia Tamko)’s self-titled sophomore album was released October 18, 2019, on Nonesuch Records. The follow up to her breakout debut, Infinite Worlds, it is an artistic leap for Tamko, who wrote and produced the entire album. Grounded by Tamko's expressive voice and knack for unique melodies, the album flits between genres, never lingering too long on one particular sensibility.

Track Listing :

1. Full Moon In Gemini
2. Flood
3. Secret Machine
4. Water Me Down
5. In a Bind
6. Wits About You
7. Please Don’t Leave the Table
8. Home Soon
9. Every Woman
10. Full Moon in Gemini (Monako Reprise)